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picture courtesy of the ICAC cyber chair.


The second edition of Grids Meet Autonomic Computing (GMAC) will be held in association with ICAC 2010, the 7th IEEE International Conference on Autonomic Computing and Communications (Washington DC), on 7 June 2010. Workshop starts at 1:30 PM.


The emergence of Web-scale infrastructure offers new opportunities for distributed applications – both scientific and enterprise that can utilize infrastructures at this scale. The design of effective and efficient Dynamic Distributed Applications is one of the key challenges shared by Cloud Computing and Grids. A special focus of this second edition of GMAC will thus be application-level autonomics.

Production grids and experimental grid infrastructures have accumulated a precious experience concerning the needs of e-Science applications, the limitations of the current infrastructures, environments and practices, and the successes and pitfalls of real-world deployments. Autonomic Computing offers the principled methods to address the Self-Optimization, Self-Configuration, Self-Protection and Self-Healing issues inseparable from ultra-high scale applications. Confronting these experiences will contribute to the convergence between Autonomic research, Cloud Computing, and Grids.

GMAC aims to continue to build bridges between fundamental and applied grid research on one hand, and the autonomic computing community on the other hand, by identifying key scientific challenges related to managing, exploiting, and evolving of grids as a specific category of complex large-scale systems.

The goal of the workshop is to promote community wide discussion of, and collaboration on potentially high-impact ideas that will influence and foster continued research in improving the manageability and reliability of grids, and the design of efficient web-scale applications. .

Topics of Interest

Topics of interest include but are not limited to the following:

  • Use of Autonomic Techniques in Distributed Computing
  • Self-Adaptive Applications (Enterprise, Internet, and Computational Science)
  • Programming Abstractions and Patterns for Autonomic Applications
  • Software Engineering, Programming Tools for Autonomic Applications
  • Autonomic Cloud Computing & Exploring Autonomics as a way to support the possible convergence between clouds and grids
  • Application-level Quality of Service
  • Experiences with large-scale deployments of applications.


1:30 PM - 3:45 PM Session 1 - Self-organizing grids and clouds

  • 1:30 PM - 2:15 PM Keynote Autonomic computing across clouds José A.B. Fortes, Professor and BellSouth Eminent Scholar, University of Florida
  • 2:15 PM - 3:45 PM Talks
    • Two experiments with application-level quality of service on the EGEE grid. Wen Jun Tan, Chuen Teck Mark Ching Sorina CAMARASU POP, Pascal Calvat, Tristan Glatard
    • Long-tailed Distributions in Grid Complex Network. Lovro Ilijasic, Lorenza Saitta
    • Issues and Scenarios for Self-Managing Grid Middleware. "Philippe Collet, Filip Krikava, Johan Montagnat, Mireille Blay-Fornarino, David Manset"

3:45 PM - 4:15 PM Coffee Break

4:15 PM - 6:00 PM Session 2 - Autonomic infrastructures

  • 4:15 PM - 5:00 PM Keynote OSG principles, services and visions with respect to distribtued, autonomous cyberinfrastructure. Ruth Pordes, Executive Director of the Open Science Grid and Associate Head of the Computing Division, Fermilab
  • 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM Panel: Towards grid/clouds benchmarks for Autonomic Computing.

The general objective of this panel is to define practical path (or paths) toward building bridges between the operational needs of production grids and clouds, and the solutions proposed by the Autonomic Computing community. The goal is to follow-up the issue raised at the GMAC'09 panel, and also at the ICAC'09 panel: how can AC demonstrate its contribution to addressing key issues in Grid and Cloud computing.

Panel Chair/Moderator: Charles Loomis, CNRS. Panelists: José A.B. Fortes, Ruth Pordes, Manish Parashar (NSF Office of CyberInfrastructure and Rutgers University), Brent Miller (IBM),

Important dates

  • Paper submission NEW DATE: March 1st, 2010
  • Author Notification March 15, 2010
  • Final version due April 7th, 2010

Instructions for camera-ready submission

The ACM format is available here. The camera ready version should be submitted through the submission site


Cécile Germain Renaud, LRI, France
Shantenu Jha, LSU and eSI Edinburgh, USA
Charles Loomis, EGEE/CERN, France
Program Committee
Thierry Coupaye, Orange Labs, France
Frédéric Desprez, INRIA, France
Renato Figueiredo, Univeristy of Florida, USA
Andre Luckow, , LSU, USA
Manish Parashar, Rutgers, USA
Omer Rana, Cardiff Univ., UK
Lorenza Saitta, UNIPMN Italy
Rizos Sakellariou, University of Manchester
Jordi Torres, UPC, Spain
Ramin Yahyapour, Dortmund University, Deutschland


For more information, contact one of the program chairs: cecile.germain *at*, sjha *at* or loomis *at*

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